Wooden Ouija Board plus Crystal Pendulum Kit

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Wooden Ouija Board plus Crystal Pendulum Kit


Divinatory board for pendulum, dowsing tool in pine wood pentacle pattern.

Yes/no maybe and rephrase.

Just position your pendulum in the middle and ask your question. The pendulum will respond by making a movement on the board corresponding to the answer.



Suitable Size: The logging board is light and compact, easy to carry around and store; you can place it in your home, office, room, etc. to make you more charming and mysterious.

Durable material: The divination board is made of solid wood, sturdy and durable, with smooth surface and beautiful carved patterns.

Fun Design: The wooden pendulum board is designed with text on the surface, including astrolabe and yes, no, maybe and other text descriptions, which can help you make your own decisions and add more fun.

Wide Application: The divination board is perfect for beginners in witchcraft, it can help you show your destiny by helping your decision making process; you can also give it as a gift to your friends and family, they will love it.



Name: Divination Supplies

Material: Wood.

Size: 10cm

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