Yoga bracelets | Wrist Mala 27 Beads Love And Healing

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Yoga bracelets | Wrist Mala 27 Beads Love And Healing 


 8mm Stones 

This pretty combination of purple, black, aqua & pink has hidden meaning; with soothing, positive energy to balance & energize your chakras. A faceted Amethyst gemstone is accented with faceted 8mm amazonite rondelles, Rose Quartz and Black Gemstones are accented with gold plated beads.


Our Wellness Jewelry draws on the metaphysical properties of natural semi precious gemstones. For centuries cultures around the world have revered gemstones for their mystical properties and used the positive energies of gemstones to enhance well-being, balance and energize your chakras and promote tranquility. We harness the positive energies of gemstones to help provide serenity, ease tension and encourage positive thoughts and boost self confidence. Your jewelry comes with a detailed list of the gemstone properties. Your jewelry is ready for gift giving; presented in an organza gift bag & optional gift card.



R O S E Q U A R T Z: Pink love gem is believed to offer protection and encourage self-love and confidence.Helps provide wearer with peace & serenity. It helps us forgive, overcome anxiety & grieve. Greeks used Rose Quartz to promote marital bliss!

B L A C K O N Y X Protective; Believed to ward off stress and helps release negative emotions like sadness, sorrow & grief.

A M E T H Y S T: Calming stone; relaxes & brings serenity. Good Sleep Aid. Positive, energizing, powerful protection gem.

Howlite helps ease stress, tension and headaches.

A M A Z O N I T E: has calming energies and believed to balance emotions, dispel anger, fear and worries. It is said to engender kindness,dissolves sadness.